The Cost

Going through the death of a child is often an isolating experience.  Even for those fortunate enough to have a network of support, it is an all encompassing, overwhelming life changing event forcing parents to re-evaluate their lives, their identities, and what is important to them.

An integral part of the retreat experience is releasing all expectations, worries and burdens to feel the love and support of a greater community. Therefore we are committed to making ‘Ohana Oasis available to participants free of charge.  Our objective is to create a healing and joy filled week for parents that isn’t clouded by financial concerns.

“The generosity of those who donated their time, talents, and services was ASTOUNDING. Every day we were surprised. Every detail was thought of, every need provided for and we didn’t have to spend a dime if we didn’t want to.” –Vienne’s Mom

This includes:

  • Round trip airfare
  • Accommodations for seven nights
  • Rental car and full tank of gas
  • All meals
  • Daily activities and several group outings

You can give the gift of love and community to parents now by clicking below:
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