“We were given space…space to grieve and space to dream. Space to be exactly who we are, in our new skin as a bereaved parent. We were given understanding and acceptance and compassion unlike we will experience anywhere else.” – Vienne’s Mom

The Inspiration

Thanks to the generosity of Sidewayz Films we have a video where founder, Heidi Low, shares about the loss of her daughter Alison, the inspiration behind ‘Ohana Oasis and the road to rediscovering joy in life.


Become part of our ‘Ohana by giving the gift of rediscovered happiness to bereaved parents.  When you give at least $10 your name will be added to our ‘Ohana Wall, demonstrating the community of love and support to our parents….


Year-End Wrap Up

A  few short weeks after our signature Giving for Joy Gala fundraising event, we jumped right into the reason we do the fundraising!  Because of all of you generous donors we provided another retreat for bereaved parents. Just yesterday (Monday)…

This Last Quarter has been an Exciting One

This last quarter of the year has been an exciting one! What started as a simple Hawaiian themed Open House in Denver on October 7th morphed into a full fledged casino night at the Mike Ward Maserati Dealership. Beyond cards and dice,…

Retreat and Event News

Aloha, There is a special group, they are the ‘Ohana Oasis Alumni – parents who’ve already attended a retreat.  That group is now at 30 parents.  When I took a moment to let that sink in, I shared some numbers…